Loyalist Dublin March

It is hugely disappointing that the peace in Northern Ireland that so many people on both sides worked so hard to achieve now appears so vulnerable. There is considerable and growing concern in Dublin over the on-going, at times violent, demonstrations in the North and the prospect of that being visited on the streets of Dublin next weekend.

As Chair of the Dublin Central JPC I have requested the Gardai provide a statement on the arrangements that the Gardai are putting in place for the proposed march next Saturday in Dublin City Center.

I have asked for details of the permission granted to the organisers, if background checks have been completed on the organisers, what undertakings the organisers have given that the parade will pass-off without incident and what arrangements are the Gardai putting in place to ensure minimum disruption in the city centre and maximum public safety for residents, workers and visitors.

I expect a comprehensive response from the Gardai that will robustly support the freedom of expression and the maintenance of public order and safety on the streets of Dublin City. Mary

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