Organised Crime in Dublin

08.11.2010: Fitzpatrick welcomes robust Garda approach to organised crime in Dublin Central Cllr Mary Fitzpatrick, Chairperson of the Dublin Central Joint Policing Committee.

“I congratulate the Gardai on the operation undertaken today in the North Inner City. Tackling organised crime and drug crime was a major priority for me, as chairperson of the Dublin Central Joint Policing Committee, when agreeing the 2010 policing plan for Dublin Central. The operation undertaken today was robust and comprehensive in its approach. For too long drug and organised crime has undermined local communities. The operation undertaken today in Dublin Central will benefit communities around the country. Gardai on the beat do a fine job however if the scourge of drug and organised crime is to be removed from our communities we need to go beyond the street corner drug dealer and tackle the supply chain. Clearly today’s operation sends a strong message that all available resources will be applied to deal with individuals whose activities undermine civil society. It is my hope that the courts will take an equally determined approach.”

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