Phibsborough Shopping Centre

The proposed re-development of Phibsborough Shopping Centre is a once in a lifetime opportunity to regenerate the run-down and neglected Phibsborough village into a vibrant urban community.

Unfortunately the recent disappointing planning application for re-development of the Phibsborough Shopping Centre falls far short of what is required to foster a stable urban community and should be rejected.

Mary considers the application disappointingly one-dimensional, unimaginative and unconducive to fostering a stable, sustainable, high quality urban community and should be rejected.

Mary called for the site to be redeveloped to provide mixed housing, incubation space for start-ups, entrepreneurs and artists  and a vertical garden tower and quality urban centre.  Mary’s suggestion to green the ugly tower would have a transformational effect not just on the structure but the image of the village.  It would create an iconic landmark for the village that would be aesthetically, environmentally and architecturally unique.  You can read Mary’s submission to Dublin City Council HERE.

The deadline for observations is May 8, 2017.  Details on how to make an observation HERE.