Royal Canal Towpath at Binns Bridge

Submissions for the Royal Canal Towpath at Binns Bridge-Part 8 are now open until the 23rd of August. The Greenway plans to upgrade the towpath at Binns Bridge. The core objective of the Greenway project is to provide a high quality cycle and pedestrian route to facilitate and encourage movement by active modes within Dublin City. The amendments at Binns Bridge includes:

  • The reduction of the ramp gradient to 4.99% along the entirety of its length
  • The offset of the greenway from the boundary of the Portland Lock apartments by approximately 1.3-1.5 metres
  • The greenway will operate as a 4.6 metre wide shared space for the majority of the area
  • The replacement of all existing fencing, gates, and railings in the area.

More information on the proposed changes can be found HERE and you can make a submission HERE.