Reillys Bridge

Work on the €9.8million project to replace Reillys Bridge on Ratoath Road with a fly-over spanning the railway line and canal will continue until the end of 2014. The initial stages of the project would have benefitted from better communication from Irish Rail and Dublin City Council. In response to my request Irish Rail and Dublin City Council attended the October meeting of the Central Area Committee to address concerns over the construction.  At the meeting I proposed three motions: that an independently chaired forum be established to deal with residents concerns, that Dublin City Council put in place a comprehensive traffic management plan to deal with the increased traffic problems during and post construction and that Dublin City Council commence the process of extending the 5+axel ban to Ratoath Road. The three motions were passed. I have since met with the residents and I am working with them, Irish Rail and Dublin City Council to get the forum up and running as soon as possible. In the meantime if residents have any concerns they can contact Irish Rail’s community liaison officer Garry Keegan on 1890253555 or Dublin City Council Area Manager Fergus Synnott (01) 222 7410 or drop me an email. Mary